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Express Link

In recently, AirLink keeps expanding the business .We provide the Express Link Service with CAM.The Express Link Service location have Macau Airport 、Zhuhai Hengqin Border、Zhuhai Gongbei Border、Macau Ferry Terminal、Taipa Ferry Terminal.The transportation by air to land and air to sea has been truly realized. Use this service, it will let you pass the customs convenient and quick, because you do not have to change bus, carry your luggage. We offer the efficient service to all the transit passenger who travel through the Macau airport.

Required 24 hours advance reservation.
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According to immigration regulations, please fill in a valid document. The information is used for this service only.
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Please read the reservation Terms and Conditions before making your booking:

Airport to Hengqin Border - Online booking terms and conditions:

1. Fare Price

- Passenger's bus ticket fare for single journey is MOP 75 each. Baggage allowance per passenger is one pieces each, additional baggage is subject to be charged MOP 10 per pieces.
- Children under the age of 2 bus ticket fare for single journey is MOP 10 each.
- Purchased tickets is non refundable.
- Tickets travel date is changeable only due to bad weather operation.

2. Group Reservation terms

Required 24 hours advance reservation.

3. Bus Schedule

- Online booking for Hengqin Border, Bus Departure Time:11:30/ 12:20/ 15:45.
- For other Bus Schedules for Gongbei Border & Hengqin Border, it is required to purchase at our ticketing counter.